Saudi women secured the title in ProAm competitions within the Aramco Team Series in London

3 Saudi players participated in the ProAm competitions on the sidelines of the London Championship of the Aramco Team Series presented by the Public Investment Fund, which kicked off today, Thursday, in Centurion Club continues until Saturday June 18, where they managed to achieve third place led by the Scottish player Johanna Gustavsson.

ProAm competitions were held Yesterday, with the participation of a group of professional players along with a group of amateurs, Hanin Anbarsari, Raghda Al-Issawi and Laila Al-Telmisani participated in the Gustavsson team and took third place by achieving 26 under-par.

Gustavsson, who had participated in several tournaments in the Kingdom, expressed her happiness to go through this experience again and help spread the sport of golf in the Kingdom and around the world, and said: "I enjoyed this tour a lot and had a wonderful day full of funny situations and wonderful moments. This is my first time participated in an all-women team in ProAm competitions Within the Aramco Team Series tournaments. I've seen a lot of great kicks from Saudi female players, although there are some who started golfing a little while ago, which is amazing. I hope they learned a little bit from me and that the advice I gave them was helpful, and I look forward to seeing more Saudi women golfers.”

On the other hand, she said Haneen Ambersari, Team player Golf Saudi:" The overall experience was very special, I really enjoyed the tour, the great atmosphere and playing alongside my team members. It's great to be around new faces and build relationships in this field. I've been asking Johanna Gustavsson as many questions as possible to take advantage of this experience, her way of playing and her vision of the stadium is absolutely inspiring."

While Raghda Al-Issawi, who played alongside her 18-year-old daughter, Laila Al-Telmisani, said: "The future of golf in the Kingdom is very promising, and there is nothing impossible where we can reach the world with high ambition and hard work."  Al-Issawi added, “I try to stay away from the mother’s role while we golf and play as friends on the court so that we can focus completely on playing. We had a wonderful time and learned a lot of things that will help us in the future.”


 Both Golf Saudi and Aramco continue to enhance the Kingdom's presence in the global sports scene by organizing the largest events and providing opportunities for the participation of a group of distinguished talents for female golfers in the Kingdom in tournaments such as the Aramco Team Series held in several destinations around the world.

It is worth noting that this year's edition of the Aramco Team Championship series was launched from the Thai capital, Bangkok, from May 12-14, in which the Australian player Whitney Heller's team won the team title, while Belgium's Manon de Roy succeeded in obtaining the individual title. The English capital, London, hosts the second World Series, and from there to Sotogrande in Southern Spain, then to New York in the United States, and finally to the Red Sea coast in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The English golf stars Georgia Hall, Bronte Low and Charlie Hall will participate in this tournament, along with the Norwegian golf ambassadors Marianne Skarnord, who won the singles title in last year's edition of the London Championship in the Aramco Team Championship series, and German Olivia Kaun, the leader of the winning team in the same edition.