Play Golf


Golf is not only a game played by millions of people, it also provides the perfect setting for some of the world’s most entertaining and exciting events.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia welcomed the European Tour, home to some of the world’s best players, to host the second Saudi International presented by SoftBank Investment Advisers at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club, King Abdullah Economic City.

A perfect day for the family, this event showcased some thrilling golf in addition to music concerts from world renowned artists, on-course entertainment and an array off-course action, including a packed tournament village and a range of Food & Beverage offerings

Junior Golf

Now is the time to try golf – especially with an increasing number of junior programmes launching at golf clubs across the Kingdom. There is no better way to socialise or experience competition, than when practising at a golf club, both on and off the course.

Golf is more than just a sport, it provides opportunities to learn important interpersonal skills, offers great physical and mental health benefits, and could provide the opportunity to compete at a national level.

So why not get down to the local golf course, pick up a club and give it a go. 

Urban Golf

Golf is changing. As it breaks down barriers to entry with the adoption of new technologies,it is attracting a younger audience and establishing itself as a leisure activity for the whole family.

New formats of the game are also being introduced all over the world and Golf Saudi will be at the forefront of this, opening venues across the Kingdom. These will include indoor simulators, e-golf ranges, adventure golf and late-night entertainment facilities.

Golf Equipment

Golf is traditionally played with a mixture of golf equipment including golf clubs and balls, manufactured by several different suppliers and distributed via golf course shops and online retailers. 

Golf Saudi will be producing a "how to play guide" in the coming weeks to help all beginners learn the basics of the game, supported by junior and group programmes at Golf Courses in Riyadh and Jeddah. 

Learn To Play

Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports, with 39,000 outdoor golf courses located across 208 countries. Playing golf has changed considerably in recent times, as advances in technology have enable the sport to present a more modern image, including the arrival of indoor simulators, adventure golf venues and e-golf, in addition to a more diverse offering at traditional golf ranges.

Golf can be played by all ages and abilities. Whether you wish to become a top professional, competitive amateur, or just enjoy time with friends and family, there has never been a better time for the people of Saudi Arabia to start playing.

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