The Vision

A New Beginning

As Saudi Arabia opens up to the world, becoming established at the heart of the Arabic and Islamic world, it will demonstrate its role as a global investment powerhouse. With continued investment in sport, the Kingdom can unite expert stakeholders from across the country to enhance its position on the world stage.

Sport provides the most comprehensive opportunity to showcase Saudi Arabia’s national endeavour and diversify the lifestyle of its people.

Access & Infrastructure

Golf Saudi is undertaking the most comprehensive development programme the world of golf has ever seen.

To integrate the sport into modern Saudi culture, access to the game will be made available across the Kingdom. The pillars of Vision 2030 will underpin this development philosophy, providing opportunities for everyone to play golf, while demonstrating the level of investment, diversity and commercial sustainability which will position Saudi as a leader within the sport, with a specific focus on growing it standing within the Arabic and Islamic world.


Nurturing talent will be a cornerstone of the Golf Saudi strategy, identifying the best personnel with state-of-the-art facilities, alongside insight from the world’s best coaches and governing groups.

The Saudi Golf Federation (SGF) has been central in developing junior players to compete at international amateur events. This will be built upon with a national team structure based around the provision of the world’s best training facilities and industry-leading coaches to establish Saudi golfers on the global stage.

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Mass Participation

Golf Saudi recognises the importance of creating and developing modern touch points; at home, at school and in everyday life, to ensure the fundamentals of the great game are ingrained and opportunities are created away from just on-course activities. Strategic development of urban-based practices that focus on entertainment are under consideration, allowing the general public the opportunity to engage with the game at a purely social level. These consumer touch points will be accessible and build interest and demand for second stage development.
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Golf Saudi is working with international partners to create a programme of events – both amateur and professional – that will showcase the progress the Kingdom is making in the sport, while linking to the wider sporting agenda and Vision 2030 philosophy.

As part of this, the Saudi International powered by SoftBank Investment Advisors, the first European Tour event in Saudi Arabia, has twice been staged successfully while the inaugural professional ladies golf event in Saudi Arabia, The Aramco Saudi Ladies International presented by PIF will be staged later in 2020.

This network of events will engage national and international organisations, including rights holders, brands or government-linked entities, to showcase the progress being made in Saudi Arabia.


As the international tourism proposition evolves in modern Saudi Arabia, Golf Saudi will generate interest amongst one of the most lucrative travel demographics – golfers.

This will allow the Kingdom to tell a wider story about the future of Saudi Arabia, using golf to capture the imagination of travellers around the world and uniting stakeholders to create a sporting and wider tourism offer that people will travel across the world to experience.