A ground-breaking and innovative team format event comprising of five fully sanctioned Ladies European Tour (LET) tournaments.

Each team will comprise of 3 professionals and one amateur with a unique team draft. The Aramco Team Series will be held in Bangkok, London, Sotogrande, New York and King Abdullah Economic City (near Jeddah), with each tournament carrying a USD$1 million prize fund.

Tournament Overview

Using an ‘NFL-style’ draft system, each captain picks their first player, before being randomly allocated a third professional teammate and a competing amateur, largely made up of event partners.

As well as competing for the team trophy, the professionals also vie for an individual title, and exciting purse. On the course, the team score is calculated by taking the best two scores carded from each hole over the first two days, whist the individual stroke play prize is awarded to the professional who has hit the lowest score over the three rounds.
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Event Information

5x Events
Bangkok, London, Sotogrande, New York,, Jeddah
$1mUSD Per Event

Tournament Owner

Sanctioning Body

Tournament Promoter

Ladies European Tour

The Ladies European Tour (LET) celebrates women’s golf on a global stage. Since its formation in 1978, the Ladies European Tour has crowned more than 250 different winners from 28 different countries, and 700 championship trophies have been lifted. This will be the first team format in the Tour’s history, something they are very excited about.