Responsible development that delivers ‘net positive’ impacts to the environment and communities.

Environmental sustainability is fundamental in Saudi Arabia’s vision for golf in the Kingdom. It is this commitment that has led to the creation of a world’s first environmentally governed golf ecosystem.

Our “Green Agenda” sets out policies for an environmental national governance strategy, addressing best-practice principles that will allow all stakeholders to benefit equally through state-of the- art sustainability initiatives, guidelines and operations.



Deliver net positive biodiversity contributions while protecting all threatened habitats and species and combating desertification.

  • Respect our cultural heritage and traditions while providing opportunity and training to people of all ages to improve our economy, health and access to sport.

  • Showcase innovative practices in design and construction to deliver world-leading ‘smart golf courses’ for the 21st century and beyond.

  • Promote sustainable practices to a national and international market, hosting top tier tournaments at demonstrably sustainable and iconic golf courses for the world to watch.



The ambition is for Golf in Saudi Arabia to be recognised for taking a world leading approach to establish the most socially, economically and environmentally sustainable golf industry possible. This ambition is directly tied to the vision for golf in the Kingdom and Vision 2030.

Through the achievement of this vision, golf in Saudi Arabia will:

  • Develop a product that is culturally and socially relevant, respectful of traditions and leaning to the future.

  • Regenerate landscapes and ecosystems with native green infrastructure and creating natural capital.

  • Be at least low carbon, if not carbon neutral.

  • Demonstrate best in class solutions to water resource management.

  • Showcase the best combination of design and technology.

  • Redefine golf in the Middle East and arid climates.

  • Inspire and guide other sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

  • Kick start other enterprises in the green and circular economy.



Building on internationally recognised principles of sustainable development, the strategy aims to make sure that key environmental and social issues lie at the heart of both strategic and delivery decision making – supporting a viable and progressive economy:

  • Making sure that issues of carrying capacity, site selection, cumulative impact and overall scale of golf courses are carefully considered and addressed.

  • Helping make cost savings and resource efficiencies through investment in smart technologies.

  • Future proofing facilities and protecting from external dependencies and risks

  • Ensuring long-term profitability and a positive reputation for the sport.

  • Enabling Saudi Arabia's golf industry to be globally recognised for leading the integration of sustainability into the growth of the sport.

  • Developing innovative approaches and technologies to be pioneered in the growth of golf, which can then be replicated in other relevant sectors and spheres of Saudi economic development, landscape regeneration and community building.



International experts providing:

  • National advise on policies, sustainability standards, credible reporting and national network of support.

  • Best-practice guidance, scientific and technical provisions, methodologies, review of suppliers and training programmes.

  • New golf infrastructure of supply and quality control, leading innovations in warm season turfgrass and exemplar production & distribution.



The purpose of this National Sustainable Golf Strategy is to ensure that environmental and social issues are positioned as integral to the growth of golf in Saudi Arabia. In this way, they sit alongside other economic and golfing drivers – not secondary to them as has been the case in other regions.

The three traditional pillars of conventional sustainable development are Economic, Environmental and Social. Through this lens golf in Saudi Arabia will unite key fundamentals:

  • Economic

  • Environmental

  • Social

All of these things contribute to the core golfing goals of:

Providing a diversity of enjoyable and memorable courses that provide access at all levels of the sport, domestically and internationally.



In fact, the environmental opportunities and constraints are fundamental, underpinning the volume, locations and types of golf being provided. In this way Golf Saudi are looking beyond the historic models of sustainable development as typified by the ‘balancing’ of social, economic and environmental issues, to the now widely recognised principles and approach where environmental issues are fundamental to thriving communities, and of which the economy is a function. Such an approach allows for issues such as site sensitivity, biodiversity protection, ecosystem regeneration, water dependencies, clean energy and low emissions to dictate how golf develops.



Adopted by the golf industry in Saudi Arabia, these goals provide us all with a shared roadmap for prosperity for the people and environments connected to golf in Saudi Arabia.

These goals represent vital calls for action for golf courses new and old in Saudi Arabia. They are underpinned by the knowledge that we must respect our environment and climate in order to create successful and sustainable golf courses for future generators.



The practical application of sustainable development will be achieved by addressing a range of priority environmental and social themes.

These will be integrated throughout:

  • Robust industry sustainability criteria both international and national;

  • National Policies;

  • A dedicated Saudi sustainability support program;

  • National awards and accreditations;

  • First class education and training;

  • Comprehensive research agenda;

  • Tracking and reporting;

  • Data gathering and story sharing.

Turning the principles of sustainable development into practical materials, relevant to golf and sustainability issues. We are structuring all our goals, benchmarks, guidance and recognition towards measurable action across four sustainability themes for golf.



Education creates a necessary foundation from which to realise the ambitions of this dynamic new industry. This moves from gathering existing valuable insights and expertise towards setting new expectations and advancing our science and knowledge further. It is this science and knowledge development, to which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an unwavering commitment, that will have a central role in ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of it's golf industry.

We will lead the way by delivering educational training and creating job opportunities to work in:

  • A network of expert sustainability officers;

  • A national turf laboratory;

  • The world's most comprehensive research agenda;

  • A supply chain of sustainable golf suppliers & delivery partners;

  • A dynamic group of national sustainability auditors trained and connected to cutting edge innovations in sustainable golf in the 21st century.